We feel pleased to present to you an assorted range of solid wood furniture and accessories painstakingly crafted and customized in-house by skilled craftsmen on state of art machinery. We have passionately infused traditional folk art in contemporary form of furniture giving an Indian touch to modern urban dwellings.

Our products are a medley of fabrics in bright playful hues and natural wood in earthy tones. Our simple straight lined holistic modular furniture stained in exotic hues and finished in PU will bring a warm appeal to your home.


Subhangi Vaidyanathan

An interior designer for over two decades, founder of Furnicheer, Subhangi Vaidyanathan is a fine example of those entrepreneurs who bring positive changes to the industry. A perfectionist by nature, her brand Furnicheer reflects her understanding of colours and proficient visualization skills.

She has accomplished numerous interior turn key projects for prestigious clientele. Her implementation of aesthetics and furniture designs, are a signature that secernates her projects. A passion to beautify urban dwellings, a keen understanding of modular necessities in India and love for solid wood is her inspiration behind Furnicheer. With Furnicheer, Subhangi has introduced exquisite solid wood modular furniture with vibrant hues, available at her Furnicheer studio in Belapur.

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