Brand Story

Our journey began more than a decade ago. At its inception, Furnicheer began interior turn-key projects for a varied clientele. We made houses into distinctive homes and offices into productive spaces. At our core, we are a furniture manufacturing unit and we thoughtfully create functional, simple, and elegant furniture. The intricate knot patterns and the fine grains of solid wood from sustainable forests, lovingly grown, carefully seasoned, and passionately crafted is Furnicheer for you. Vibrant stains infused with graphics inspired from arts and crafts around the world is what forms the core of the brand. Our contemporary design combined with traditional craftsmanship is the essence of every product created. Custom crafted bespoke furniture with minimalist design gives our urban living a unique twist. We now welcome you into our world of carefully curated solid wood products. These are bound to put a smile on your face and make you cheer. 🙂

Our Team